Ouch! What To Do If Your Dog Gets Hurt On A Walk

Dogs love to sniff and explore and there will be times when this gets them  into a bit of trouble. Often it’s nothing serious – possibly an injured paw from broken glass hidden in tall grass, and cuts from sharp objects, or debris caught in their eye. However, it’s important to know how to help your pup with these minor injuries.


Minor cuts and abrasions: If your pup gets a minor cut or laceration wash the wound with water or flush with sterile saline solution then coat with an antibiotic ointment. Any redness or swelling in the area may be a sign of infection and a trip to the veterinarian is advised.

Embedded Object: Along the way of your walk it is possible your pup may step on something that could get embedded between the paw pads. You may notice your dog limping which would alert you to this. Remove the object by gently spreading the toes and using tweezers if needed. Treat as above for a minor cut or irritation.

Foreign Objects In The Eye: If your pup starts pawing at their face during a walk they may be irritated by a foreign object in their eye. Flushing their eye with a stream of water or sterile saline solution should be all that is needed to remove the irritant. A call to their veterinarian is advised to ensure there was no secondary damage.

Bee stings: Most of the dogs I walk love to sniff the flowers and foliage making bee stings a good possibility. If your pup is stung by a bee and the stinger is still intact scrape it out with your fingernail or credit card. Never attempt to pull it out since this may make the sting worse. Apply cold compress to the area and call your veterinarian for further assistance.

Visit Pet First Aid – Be Prepared While On The Road to learn ways to be prepared for emergencies while out with  your dog.

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2 thoughts on “Ouch! What To Do If Your Dog Gets Hurt On A Walk

  1. My poor dog was stung by a wasp that got stuck in her tail – she came flying in from the garden turning and jumping round to look at it. I couldn’t find anything wrong but she was most upset, and later found a ws at the window with her hair in its legs… sadly she is still terrified of anything that buzzes, and this includes the house alarm when it’s not working, during which times she tries to hide under the carpet… ~Liz http://www.lizbrownleepoet.com

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