The Difficuly Of Dog Rescue

With all the dogs in need of adoption it always saddens me to hear of how reluctant shelters and rescues are to place dogs with families. Constantly I hear of families being denied adopting a dog for ridiculous reasons. I agree that a certain amount of screening is needed to be sure an animal is placed in a safe home. However, when I hear of denials for reasons such as “living too close to a busy street”, “no yard for the dog”, or “a yard with a fence that is too low” I can’t believe that the needs of the animal is really what’s in the forefront. Focus should be on the ability of the adopter to take care of the animal not of the unimportant details that in reality are not an issue.

This is what turns people away from rescues and towards pet stores or breeders. For more on this topic please visit my post “Dog Adoptions – Why I Don’t Rescue” (

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One thought on “The Difficuly Of Dog Rescue

  1. Have you ever watched “Pit Bulls and Paroles?” They have lots of requirements for adoption. I can see needing to make sure that the animals are going to be safe. I guess, instead of automatically disqualifying the people you discusses above, the question should be asked as to how the people plan to keep the animal safe given those circumstances. Our local humane society doesn’t do any checks, that I am aware of. They didn’t with me anyway. That has it’s own set of downfalls.

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