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Out For A WalkAs a dog walker/pet sitter (know as “Mariedogwalker)  I interact with all types of animals on a daily basis. Pets supply joy and unconditional love to so many they deserve only the best to keep them happy and healthy. For this reason I started “The Paw Print Island”, a place to go for a variety of information on caring for your furry friends in the best way possible.

My pets, Dallas and Violet, along with the many pets I care for daily,  provide the inspiration for my posts. When my cat Tiger showed signs of an eating disorder and my young kitty Cleo died suddenly (from what I discovered was kidney failure due to unhealthy food ingredients) I began researching the best possible food choices available for all my pets. My research led me to Life’s Abundance and I was so impressed with the quality of their food, the impact it made on the health of my pets, and the attention to care and quality the company shows for their products, I became an independent field representative for the brand.

Why the name “The Paw Print Island”? Being from Long Island I cannot imagine not living near an ocean. I love the sun and the beach (especially ones with palm trees!) so I couldn’t think of a better place to gather and discuss ways to pamper your pet. Please stop by often to visit, here or my other sites around the internet.

If you have any questions/suggestions or would like more information about Life’s Abundance Pet Products here’s where I can be found:

Email: Mariedogwalker@gmail.com

Life’s Abundance: http://www.eatwagpurr.com

Facebook: http:www.facebook.com/mariedogwalker

Twitter: @mariedogwalker

The Kitty Corner: http://www.thekittycorner.blogspot.com



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