When Is It OK To Tell Your Dog “No”?

Your dog may want to be the one in charge but that is not always the best thing for them. Whether it be for safety reasons, or to be socially acceptable, curtailing your dog’s spontaneous behavior by telling them “no” is often necessary. Although pup may seem annoyed not to have their way having some discipline will be helpful (and secretly welcomed) and not hurtful.


Pulling on the leash: Leash pulling can be dangerous for both the dog and the walker. Dogs, especially large breeds, can be powerful and, if they decide they want to run after something, can easily pull their walker into traffic. Potentially tragic for both.

Jumping Up: Puppies may be cute when they greet people when the jump up on them, a greeting that can be potentially dangerous when they are an adult. A large dogs harmless greeting could be easilly dangerous for anyone.

Excessive Barking: Excessive barking can be very disruptive and is unnecessary. This type of behavior is often caused by boredom but other times dogs will just bark because they can. It’s important for all involved to let your dog know this type of behavior is not acceptable.

Begging For Food: Continually giving food to your dog can be detrimental to their health as over feeding will quickly lead to obesity. Another danger is that some seemingly harmless  human foods are toxic to dogs. While it may be difficult to ignore that cute face it’s best to be strong and say “no”.

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Ice For Healthy Summer Fun

How does your dog like to cool off during the hot summer month? Ice cubes and other frozen treats can be fun and healthy warm weather treats and activities for your pup.

Many dogs love to snack on ice cubes or crushed ice. This special summer treat will also help keep your dog hydrated and many may prefer this source to the water bowl. Float ice cubes in the water bowl for added fun and to keep the water cool and fresh. If giving cubes of ice be sure they are not to dense to prevent tooth injury.

For a fun outdoor summer game, freeze as assortment of your dogs favorite types of toys, balls, etc.,  in a block of ice. As the block melts in the sun your dog will have a great time licking the block to free the toys.

On an outing for a cold summer treat? Bring your dog along to enjoy the fun. Many places, including Starbucks and Rita’s, have special frozen treats on the menu for dogs.

What are some ways your dog likes to keep cool in the summer?

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Herding Dogs

Have you ever met a herding dog? Acting completely on instinct, these amazing dogs can herd animals often those that are many times their size.

Herding dogs include Shetland Sheepdog, Corgi, Boarder Collie, Australian Shepherd, and Collie. These dogs are smart, active, and take direction easily. If they are not on a farm, or even if they have never seen a farm animal, they are known to herd humans (especially small children), cats, or almost anything that moves.

Highly intelligent, these dogs are happiest when they have a job to do and, when bored, they often become destructive. Agility training and Nosework are wonderful activity for them.

The AKC added the Herding Group in 1983 and was the most recent group to be included. The Westminster Dog Show is a wonderful way to see all the herding dogs as well as all the dogs from every group.

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The answer to yesterday’s “GuessThe Breed” is German Shorthaired Pointer!